Welcome to the future of interactive storytelling!

Immortal Parasite is an anime-inspired story universe designed to become a multi-layered brand by combining the technical capabilities of web3 with the proven strengths of traditional products (web2). Our mission is to tell exciting stories far away from the general constraints of the mainstream and turn them into an interactive, personal experience that is unique in the world of web3.

By selling dynamic (customizable) NFTs that give holders access to an old-school RPG-like gamification system, funds will be raised to expand the brand into the world of web2 with Real World Assets (RWAs). The intertwining of web2 and web3 through the production of light novels and high-quality merchandise represents an important step for the future growth of this brand, not only to attract new audiences to web3, but also to capitalize on the nearly 2 billion readers of physical books worldwide. No more speculation and exaggerated hype, we are providing you with tangible IRL values for owning our NFTs!

While our light novels, which will be accessible to everyone, will follow the main storyline, our gamification system will allow you to explore the complex world of Immortal Parasite on your own with your NFTs to experience exclusive web3 side stories and learn additional background information about the characters and their lives in the apocalypse.

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